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Environmental Solutions in Awendaw

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Are you concerned about the indoor environment of your home in Awendaw? Would you like to know that you are breathing clean air and that your home is safe from crawl space moisture problems? No matter what your concern is, we can address it at Environmental Solutions & Service. Give us a call today and one of our Certified Indoor Environmental Experts will be out to your house soon. We’ll assess your home and let you know how we can help you live safer and cleaner.

Mold Testing & Mold Inspection

If you’re concerned about mold in your air, we’ll perform comprehensive mold testing in Awendaw. Our mold inspection in Awendaw involves a visual inspection, air quality testing, and the sending of any samples to our labs. We’ll make sure that we find out exactly what types of mold, if any, you are dealing with so we can get you the solutions you need for your home. Call us for mold testing in Awendaw today. We’ll do a complete mold inspection in Awendaw for you soon!

Crawl Space Sealing

If your crawl space is causing problems for your home, call us to talk about crawl space sealing in Awendaw today. We’ll make sure your crawl space is sealed off both from the outside and from affecting the rest of your house. Crawl space sealing in Awendaw is the best way to keep unwanted moisture out of your home so you can stay healthy and protect your property.

Air Quality Testing

If you’re concerned about the air you’re breathing in your home, call us for air quality testing in Awendaw today. We’ll come out and test so you can know exactly what is in the air that you and your family are breathing every day. Our test is comprehensive so, if you’re struggling with allergies or other breathing problems, you’ll know exactly what you need to take care of to feel better. After your air quality testing in Awendaw, we’ll help you come up with solutions specific to any problems that we find.

Home Energy Savings Solutions

Do you feel like your home leaks energy but you’re not sure how? We’ll come test your home for energy efficiency, then let you know what you can do to achieve home energy savings in Awendaw. We’ll help you implement those solutions, then let you watch your home energy savings in Awendaw accumulate. Before long, you’ll have saved more than you had to spend to implement the various solutions.

If your home’s environment is causing you to feel worried or anxious, call us today. At Environmental Solutions & Service, we’ll work hard to pinpoint areas of your environment that might be problematic, then develop solutions that will work for you and your family. We’ll help you put those solutions in place and monitor the results. We’ll keep working hard until you are satisfied that your home has the best possible environment for you.

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Need help with your residence or business?

ESS has you covered. Feel free to submit a Service Request with the link below.