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Home Environmental Services in Summerville, SC

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Are you sick and tired of dealing with environmental issues in your home in Summerville? Whether you’re worried about the quality of your air or the amount of moisture seeping in from outside, we can help you figure out exactly what the problem is and find solutions that are specific to your home and your needs. We’ll work with you to find solutions you can afford and that will be worth your investment. Call us today to consult with an indoor environmental professional about the following things.

Crawl Spaces

If you have warped floorboards, a pervasive musty smell, or mold or mildew that you can’t get rid of, it’s time to test for crawl space moisture in Summerville. Because South Carolina has such high humidity, it’s easy for that to infiltrate your crawl space. Once it’s there, this crawl space moisture in Summerville can get into your entire home. This can be annoying but it can also become a health issue. We’ll help keep you and your family well at home.

One popular solution for crawl space moisture is crawl space encapsulation in Summerville. This involves sealing off your entire crawl space from both the outdoors and the rest of your home. Crawl space encapsulation in Summerville means that moisture from outside won’t be able to get into your crawl space and, if it does, it won’t infiltrate the rest of your house and cause more problems there.

Indoor Air Quality

If you struggle with asthma and allergies at home or you just don’t think you’re breathing clean air there, we’ll come out and do a home air quality test in Summerville. This test accurately picks up all kinds of things that can be in your air and identifies them individually. The home air quality test in Summerville will allow us to devise solutions to your air quality problems that will actually work.

Indoor air purification in Summerville will look different, depending on what we find in your air. We may install filters, use UV lights to kill off allergens or bacteria, or install an independent unit for indoor air purification in Summerville. We’ll install the solution then test your air again, so you can be sure it’s working to improve your indoor air quality every day.

Home Energy Use

Did you know that you can make some simple changes to achieve home energy saving in Summerville? We will assess your energy usage, then let you know which changes will give you the most savings. We can help you implement these changes or direct you to trusted people who can do it for you. You may not feel like you could achieve much through home energy savings in Summerville, but what do you have to lose? You might just end up with a lot more money in your pocket.

Call us at Environmental Solutions & Service for environmental solutions for your home in Summerville. We’ll do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals there. Make your appointment today!

Need help with your residence or business?

ESS has you covered. Feel free to submit a Service Request with the link below.