Square frame Basement or crawl space with upper floor insulation and wooden support beams. An area of limited height under the floor of a house with concrete wall and floor.

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crawl space mold inspection preformed by ESS

Are you worried about the amount of moisture in your crawl space? Whether you’re currently having moisture problems at home or not, your crawl space can allow significant amounts of moisture into your home. Our crawl space inspection can help you determine whether moisture is getting into your house through the crawl space, how much moisture is getting in, and where it’s all coming from.

Crawl Space Moisture Testing

We’ll start by testing your crawl space for moisture. This lets us know whether there is water in the space that we need to find and eradicate for you. If we don’t find anything in our crawl space moisture testing, then you can rest assured that moisture isn’t getting into your house that way. If we do find moisture, we’ll continue with more testing to determine where the moisture is coming from and how much it has invaded your house.

Crawl Space Leak Testing

If we find moisture in your home, we’ll proceed with crawl space leak testing. We’ll use the latest technology to find out where the moisture in your house is coming from and how big the leaks are. This knowledge will help us determine what methods we need to take to get rid of the moisture we’ve found. Many times, crawl space leak testing shows us that crawl space encapsulation is the best option for you and your home. This seals off your home entirely from penetration by outside elements, keeping the moisture where it belongs.

Crawl Space Mold Testing

Finally, we’ll do a crawl space mold inspection to see if the excess moisture in your home has led to mold and/or mildew growth. Since these can influence your breathing and your health, we want to make sure that we know if they are present and what types are there. This will help us design a solution for your crawl space that is specific to what we have found and make sure we get rid of health hazards.

Our crawl space mold testing is comprehensive, so we’ll find all of the mold in your crawl space and determine whether it is penetrating into your home. We can test the air as well as the materials to figure out what you are breathing and how it might be influencing your health.

When we have the results from your crawl space inspection, we’ll work with you to make a plan to address everything we’ve found. You may choose crawl space encapsulation or a crawl space cleanout with regular inspections. We’ll give you all the information you need to make wise choices for yourself and your family.

We’ll send out certified indoor environment professionals on every job we do so you can be sure you’re getting accurate information and that the solutions we are proposing are the very best for you and your family. We are always happy to answer your questions, too, so you can understand the process and choose well.

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Need help with your residence or business?

ESS has you covered. Feel free to submit a Service Request with the link below.