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Mold Testing in Mount Pleasant

If you’re looking for mold testing in Mount Pleasant look no further than Environmental Solutions & Services (ESS). We’ll work with you to find any mold in your home and get rid of it so you and your family can thrive there once again.

Stop worrying or wondering about whether there is mold or mildew in your home and find out for sure! We’ll test everything so you can feel safe and secure living there. If we do find anything, we’ll work with you to get rid of it as soon as possible so you and your family don’t suffer any negative consequences from its presence.

Air Quality Testing

We’ll start your mold testing by check the air quality in your home. We’ll take samples from different areas over time so you can be sure that you are getting accurate, correct results. Our test works quickly so you’ll know the results of your mold testing in Mount Pleasant as soon as possible. We’ll explain the findings to you so you can understand them, then work with you to eradicate any mold that we find.

Crawlspace Mold Testing

If you’re concerned about mold in your crawlspace, ask us about crawlspace mold testing. We’ll get down and dirty in the space no matter what it takes, then test for mold there. We’ll perform visual tests as well as swabbing and taking samples to send to the lab. Before long, you’ll know if you have mold in your crawlspace. If you do, our mold removal service will help you take care of the problem fast.

Bathroom Mold Testing

Bathroom are also common places where mold can grow. Contact us ASAP if you think you might have mold in your bathroom or if you would like to have mold testing done there to make sure that you don’t. We’ll get your bathroom mold testing completed fast so you can have the peace of mind that you crave.

Mildew Testing

While mildew does not usually have the same negative consequences that mold does, its presence can often indicate that of mold, too. We’ll perform mildew testing throughout your home. We can do this alongside mold testing or perform these tests separately. When we have the results, you’ll know about them ASAP so you can make wise decisions for yourself and your family.

Mold Removal

If your mold testing notes the presence of mold in your home, our mold removal service can help you get rid of that mold as quickly and easily as possible. The methods we recommend will be determined by the types of mold we find and their locations. We’ll tailor the solution to your home and let you make the final choices about what you want to do for mold removal. Then we’ll get to work and get rid of your mold problem as soon as we can.

Call us at ESS for mold testing, mildew testing, and mold/mildew removal today. We’ll make sure your home is safe and secure from these contaminants

Need help with your residence or business?

ESS has you covered. Feel free to submit a Service Request with the link below.